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Aseptic processing

What is aseptic fruit puree? & How can you use it? – ABC Fruits

Food and beverage manufacturers rely on selecting the best and most appropriate raw materials to manufacture their products. Aseptic fruit puree and concentrate have become increasingly prevalent in numerous segments due to their ability to decrease the dependency on artificial additives and colors. In this article, let us discover the benefits of aseptic fruit puree […]
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Frozen peas

Frozen food processing Industry in India

The IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) industry is a sector of the frozen food industry that specializes in producing frozen fruits, vegetables, and other food products that are rapidly frozen at extremely low temperatures to preserve their texture, taste, and nutritional value. There are several methods of commercial freezing. However, each freezing method has its advantages […]
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Farm development and assisting farmers for better yield – ABC Fruits

Organic Farming – providing organic fertilizers Fertilizers play a crucial role in increasing global food production and ensuring food security. There is growing concern about the usage of chemical fertilizers which results in groundwater pollution and soil degradation. ABC Fruits have been providing organic fertilizers to farmers free of cost to create a sustainable environment. […]
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Sustainability efforts for the Mango processing Industry by ABC Fruits

Mango sustainability – Overview Environment Sustainability is a responsibility dedicated to maintaining the quality of our planet through eco-friendly and biological practices. At ABC Fruits, we believe “a healthy planet is the backbone of every industry on earth”. The postharvest losses of mango fruit have been estimated to be as high as 50% in Asia […]
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Mango waste products

Mango by products – Converting mango wastes in to valuable products – ABC Fruits

What are mango waste products? Mango waste products that include mango peel, mango seed or kernel and mango fibre have enormous nutritional and functional value, the same as mango puree. Mango pulp is an important mango byproduct and raw material for all secondary processed mango products. Mango pulp, also known as mango puree, is a thick and smooth substance manufactured by […]
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Mango crop report 2022 – Detailed analysis of Alphonso and totapuri mango crop by region

Mango, the king of fruits, is deep-rooted in Indian culture and tradition. India is the largest producer of mango contributing to 51% of the world’s total production till 2022. The total mango production in India in 2022 varies for each variety. The mango crop this year has a drop in the yield with the increase in fruit prices. However, […]
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Amla varieties, production and season in India

Introduction Amla is an important minor crop produced in the Indian subcontinent. There are three main Amla varieties in India. The other varieties are developed. The amla production and cultivation in India have increased over the past few years due to its ability to grow in variable soil conditions. Amla has good medicinal value and is highly nutritious. […]
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Tomato processing industry in India – future trends and key opportunities

Introduction Tomatoes are grown in abundance both in the summer and winter seasons in India. The crop grown in the winter is of superior quality because they contain more total solids. The tomato paste retains all of the flavour, sweetness, and nutrients in the fresh fruits. The tomato processing industry in India is equipped with state of the art […]
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