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Alphonso mango pulp

Alphonso mango pulp is extracted from high-quality and selected ripened Alphonso mango fruits. Alphonso mango arrived in India with the help of a Portuguese explorer, Alfonso through Goa. The fruit was then spread to Ratnagiri in Maharashtra, Gujarat, and various parts of South India. There are several varieties of Alphonso mangoes, yet the mangoes grown in Devgad in the Konkan region of Maharashtra are considered the best. Alphonso, the king of mangoes, also known as Hapus or Hapoos in Maharashtra is in great demand in international and domestic markets because of its flavour, richness, and sweetness. It is a seasonal fruit that will be available from April until the end of June. Since the Alphonso mangoes are available only during a particular season, it is more significant than any other fruit. Alphonso mango is widely preferred by mango pulp manufacturers in India because of it various applications in food processing industries. 

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